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All About That Print Lyrics

By Bill Leishear | Vice President — Many of you are familiar Meghan Trainors hit song, All About that Bass. Well, here at Printing Images we are all about that print and we have taken some liberties with Ms.Trainor's lyrics :-)


Reflections And Ramblings On Our Industry

Why I Love PDFs (And You Should, Too!)

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — If you haven't made the switch to PDF, you could be missing out on the huge benefits, time-savings, and lower cost that a PDF workflow can bring.


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Augmented Reality vs. QR Codes

By Siobhan Tabor | Sales Manager — Fast Food (QR) or Dining Out (AR). They both get your bellies full, but one has a better, more satisfying overall experience than the other. However, we all know there are just times when fast food will do the trick.

A Rose By Any Other Name

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — With all of the emotions stirred up over the name of Washington's signature team, I think we could be missing a huge opportunity. An opportunity where *everybody* wins.

How Savvy Are You?

By Siobhan Tabor | Sales Manager — A New Year's Resolution that all of us 40 somethings and over should commit to is to become more social media savvy in 2015!

Let's Slow Down

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — Let me paint a picture for you: You're at your office with a ton work that has to get done. You would love to give it the extra attention it deserves, but the problem is there is just no time. Everything you're working on is due yesterday and everybody's screaming for it.

Printing The Future

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — Granted, the world is changing, and the access to information is no longer limited to ink on paper — I get that. But here's my take on the future of print (in ten minutes or less — give or take.)

Gifts for Those Who Love Print

By Nicole Pearlman | Marketing Manager — In the spirit of the holidays, let's take a moment to share some great gift ideas for the "print freak" in your life.

Embrace The Bizzare!

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — Do something different, or better yet, take a different approach to your customary routine. Adding a little adventure to your everyday norms can make life a lot more interesting!

Let's Get to Work

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — We can create the opportunities we want and the success we hope to have, but it takes work. Talent alone won't do it.

Giving Thanks

By Siobhan Tabor | Sales Manager — There are really so many things going on around us each day that we should be grateful for. There’s truly a fine line between gratitude and taking something for granted.

Creative & Cool Calendars

By Nicole Pearlman | Marketing Manager — A great way to start the new year is with a handy dandy calendar, ready to fill up with important dates and keep those goals on track. Let's get a nice early start!


By Bill Leishear | Vice President — If we find something that we believe would be an added benefit for our clients, we want to be the first to bring those solutions to you in our tailored fashion. Well, we have and we're very excited!

Untapped Emissaries

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — Drivers do more than you think, and they are filled with a wealth of information about client concerns and their expectations. We're missing a huge opportunity if we don't take heed to what they have to say!

A Mutual Investment

By Bob Newman | President — Having employees is like a mutual investment. We need each other in order for this to work. They rely on us to find a market for the skills and services they provide, and we owners rely on them to have a business worth running.

More Than “Print Jobs”

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — A few months ago, Bill Leishear, our VP of Sales, gave a speech on the true nature of our business being about building relationships. It literally changed my whole way of thinking about what we do and the role I play in those relationships.

"What I know Now"

By Bill Leishear | Vice President — The last 2 years were the toughest we've had as a company, but we made it. We weathered the storm, but internally we were a mess. We had lost our sense of purpose. Now, our challenge was getting it back.

A Case for Print in the 21st Century

By Clinton Richmond | Prepress/IT — "Print is dead" is all I hear when I speak to people about my line of work. In this new digital age, it seems everyone is so quick to dismiss the persistent value of print.