Printing Images

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Printing Images

Bring Your Print To Life!

Add virtual content to your print media and allow your consumers to interact with your brand in a whole new way! From animation and video to weblinks, online purchasing and social media.

How it works

Send us your brochure, flyer, etc. and the virtual content you wish to add (videos, weblinks, icons)
Download the free Layar app and scan your page to see the interactive content.
Watch your print come alive with videos, special offers, and more for consumers to enjoy!

Let us enhance your print items!

Setup and Pricing Options:

Call-to-Action Design: Do It Yourself
We provide guidelines to your Graphic Designer
Call-to-Action Design: Provided By Us
PI Interactive Charge - $65.00
Content Design: (Graphics, Video, Web, Social)
Custom Quote

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Printeractive Campaign Triggers
First Trigger (1 standard feature button included) $250.00
First Trigger (1 custom feature button included) $300.00
Each Additional Trigger (1 standard feature button included) $150.00
Additional Feature Buttons
Additional Standard Feature Button $75.00
Additional Custom Feature Button $150.00

**All Printeractive Campaigns are licensed for 1-year, and include one Analytics Report.
Additional Analytic Reports - $50.00 each.