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Mobilize Your Event

Want to deliver a richer experience for attendees at your next event? Try PI ShowApp, the perfect companion for today's mobile audience.

  • Get more learning, engagement & fun at your events
  • Empower attendees to connect like never before
  • Gain unprecedented insight and valuable attendee feedback

We are now your local provider delivering full service event app solutions in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Want to learn more? Request a demo today!

A Preview of What's Inside


Drive session attendance with a searchable list of all your speakers and presenters, complete with detailed profiles and links to their sessions.


Save thousands of dollars by switching to a digital event schedule that can be updated on the fly, and ensure that your attendees are always in the right place at the right time.


Enhance your attendees’ app experience with video content from YouTube streamed directly through your app, viewable on demand.

Activity Feed

Keeping track of event buzz is easy with the Activity Feed. This feature gathers the latest posts from Twitter, Photo Gallery, Announcements and Schedule in one convenient place.


Messaging allows for one-to-one or one-to-many communication of a more private nature compared to Announcements. Messaging can be configured as either in-app or email.

Push Notifications

When you absolutely, positively have to get the word out, push notifications are your go-to option. Room changes, quick reminders, or important notices – they’ll all get through even if your attendees don’t have your app open.

Surveys & Quizzes

Gather feedback and conduct research more easily than ever with surveys and quizzes embedded in your app. Designed specifically for mobile, take advantage of higher response rates and more reliable data when compared to traditional survey methods.

Speak Out

Encourage attendees to share opinions and insights and capture audience sentiment with Speak Out, our private in-app bulletin board. Because public social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest don’t fit with every event type.

Game Center

A properly designed game will take audience participation at your event to new levels! Put your mobile app at the center of the action with our highly configurable and easy to use gamification platform that’s sure to drive the results you want.


If networking is a central part of your event or meeting, then there’s no easier way to inspire connection than through a published attendee list where attendees can share profile pictures and contact information.

Quick Meeting

Why stop with a message? Let your attendees set up actual face-to-face meetings at the time and location of their choosing, with one or more other attendees. Accepted meetings appear in their personal schedules.